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Karen Hoel <> Tue Dec 30 11:41:16 1997
Seeking information on John CURRIE married to Esther ERWIN living in Arendahl around 1850. Children were: Addison Donald CURRIE, (Married Olga LEE) Henry L CURRIE, Neil W CURRIE (Married Ruth CULBERTSON), Elizabeth CURRIE and John CURRIE. Neil Currie and Ruth CULBERTSON moved to La Crosse, WI. All children were born in Minnesota.

Robin Trigg <> Thu Dec 18 11:10:30 1997
Hi Iam researching my Great Grandfather Gilbert Olaf TORGESON who was born in November 20,1878 in Rushford,(Fillmore) Co Minn.. I believe his father Ollie?? immigrated from Norway to Minn not sure when I do know Ollie died at a young age and his wife Anna EVANSON remarried to a THOMPSON and he adopted all the children who were Lena, Lava, Sarah, Gilbert and another son Buddy who died at birth. If anyone has any info on any of my ancestors it would greatly be appreciated...

Paul Betow <> Mon Dec 15 09:16:38 1997
My great grandfather, Carl Louis Betow, operated the old Granger Mills between the time period 1880 and 1900. He was born April 12, 1841 Schlonitz, Province Pomner, Germany (Prussia). He married Antje Elizabeth Frieght on October 2, 1870 in Bremen, MN. Carl died October 12, 1908 in Florenceville, Iowa. I am interested in anyone who has specific information either about Carl Louis Betow or about the old Granger Mills.

Eleanor Peterson <> Wed Dec 3 14:59:56 1997
We are searching for the parents of our Great Grandfather, Nels Hans NESHEIM. From the census, it appears Nels came to MN from Norway around 1850 and spent his entire life in the Lanesboro area, dying in 1928. Nel's death certificate states his parents as being Hans HANSON, and Bertha LOSDAHL. We have found nothing on either of them. Nels was born in 1848 so came to MN as a very young child with his parents, but we can't locate them in Norway or MN. Believe they should be buried in the North Prairie Cemetery, and have records in the North Prairie Church records, if any exist. Thank you for any help you can give us.

Delores I. Schattler <> Tue Nov 25 12:52:23 1997
My great grandparents, Martha Bothun and Arne (?Arnie) Waller, married in Lanesboro on Nov. 20, 1874.   Martha came to the US in 1866 with her parents Joe and Anna Hatley Bothun, sister Somie, brothers Erick and Elling.  They settled in Fillmore Co. Any further information would be appreciated. This is as far back as I could get in my research.

Gordon A. Berdahl <> Fri Nov 14 21:20:52 1997
Searching for information on Johanne J. Dahle (ca 1869-spring, 1890) and Andrew J. Dahle (ca 1857- ). They may have been brother and sister. Andrew was born in Fillmore County, Minnesota, USA, and homesteaded on NE12-131-73-W5 near Wishek, McIntosh county, ND, in 1886. Johanne, who also apparently lived on Andrew's ND homestead, and she married Johannes (John) Ingebriktson Berdal (Berdahl) there on Feb. 8, 1889. She was also likely born in Fillmore County, MN, and likely died in Minnesota, USA, either at Rochester or in Fillmore County. It is believed that she and Johannes did not have any (living) children. Andrew was married in 1889, and had two children by June, 1891. I am particularily interested in details of the births of Andrew and Johanne and death of Johanne, however any information on Johanne J. or Andrew J. Dahle, or their ancestors, descendants or place of origin, will be appreciated.

Carlota Norton Robinson <> Fri Nov 14 1997
My GGGrandfather came to Fillmore County in 1856 and was a farmer. We have him listed in the 1860 Census. His name was Robert Norton. I don't know the names of his siblings or parents. He married Emily Davis and they had the following children: Mary, Philander, Clara, Josephine, Charles, William and Robert and Leon. They then moved to Jackson County, Mn., and that is where he died. It is an interesting family and we think spred out all over after that. Would love to find out more...Carlota Norton Robinson (Brandon, Fl.)

Terri Shipp <> Tue Nov 4 17:37:53 1997
KERNAN/KERNEN, Annie b. 1854 in Spring Valley, Fillmore Co., MN. Would like any information on her parents and siblings and any other relatives in the area. Thank you in advance.

Bob Swenson <rswenson@Stanford.EDU> Tue Nov 4 22:37:42 1997
My Dickson family ancestors came to Fillmore county from Green County, Wisconsin in the late 1850"s. The patriarch was Isaac Dickisson, born New Jersey 1805 and died in Fillmore county on 20 September 1874. (His wife was Margaret Parker) Family lore is that Isaac Dickisson, Jr. was buried in Saratoga Cemetery, but I cannot find a cemetery of that name in Fillmore county in the Internet data available to me. I would like to locate his burial place. Obviously if you have any other information about the Dickisson family please let me know. (Dickisson was subsequently spelled Dickison or Dickson.) Isaac and family, and son Jacob Dickisson and family, livied intially in Pilot Mound, Fillmore, Minnesota.

Michael Keppen <> Sat Nov 1 21:17:01 1997
William POWER and Margaret KNOX POWER settled in "Stringtown" in Amherst Township in 1857 and lived near her brother Charles KNOX. William died in 1868 and was buried in the Henrytown Cemetery in Fillmore Co. Margaret and children joined the BERDAHL wagon train to Dakota Terr. in 1873. I am looking for researchers of these families.

Leanne Schnabl  Sat Oct 18 1997
I am looking for info on Nathaniel OGG, died Oct. 12, 1902 and his wife, Emily SHOOK OGG, died April 14, 1889. They are both buried in the Church of the Brethren cemetery near Greenleafton, rural Fillmore County, MN. Also looking for info on John FINCKH, died May 4, 1917 near Preston and his wife Hannah FINCKH, died May 10, 1933, BRISTOL TWP. Their children: Andrew, Albert, and Edwin FINCKH.

Carole Brennan Wed Oct 15 18:39:20 1997
Margaret NOONAN, b. 8 Jan 1844, Limerick County, Ireland, At Preston MN, 26 Nov 1865, married Patrick BRENNAN, b. 25 Dec 1840,Castlewarren, Kilkenny, Ireland. Farmed 4 miles southeast of Chatfield MN, 1868-1886, then in 1887 moved to farm northwest of Luverne MN. Had 8 children: Johanna, John, Bridget, Thomas, David, Patrick, Johanna, Martin, Daniel, all born in Chatfield MN.1904 bought farm south of Oakes ND. Patrick d. 12 May 1915 and Margaret d. 12 Sep 1915, Oakes ND, buried in St. Charles Cemetery. Brother and sister of Margaret: David Noonan 1846-1902, and Bridget Noonan WILLIAMS, 1852-1935, Luverne MN area. Have lost track of the Noonan branch of the family. Any info on ancestors/descendents would be appreciated.

Sharon Buethner Thu Oct 9 14:57:28 1997
Looking for information on Ben Martin FRICKSON, b. July 1901, Peterson, Fillmore Co., MN. He married B. A. Armstrong. Looking for any information to tie this family in with Ole Frickson, known to be in Saratoga Twp, Winona Co., MN in 1870.

M. Drake Thu Oct 2 19:38:33 1997
Looking for information re: the HAMMER family. Andrew Hammer (born 1854) came to Minn. from Norway about 1874. He married a Anne or Anna LARSON. One census shows seven children, I know only three: Louise Josephine born 1881 in Rushford, Fillmore County. Clara Martha born 1889, and Mary (dates unknown). Approx. 1890 the whole family moved to SD. By that time the children no longer show as living at home. Am trying to find the names of the other four children. We think the following family head was Andrew's brother, John Hammer born 1848 married to a Lena ? born 1846, they had five children, Olavs 1878, Nels 1880, Emmel 1881, Jules 1883, Oscar 1885, and possibly a sixth: Christine.

Maynard Van Lente Wed Oct 1 17:59:16 1997
Seeking information on William and Annie HALSEY who came to Filmore County, from New Jersey, in the late 1870s. William Halsey was born about 1819. Annie Halsey, b. October 1816; d. February 1882; and their daughter, Sarah E. Halsey (COOLEY), b. June 1839, d, October 1897 are both buried in the Scotland Church Cemetery, Preston Township. Other known children of William and Annie Halsey were: William born 1841, Armanda born 1845, Peter born 1849, and another son born 1845. Information on any Halsey family coming to Filmore County might be of value.

Kjell Nordqvist Mon Sep 29 7:30:50 1997
Does this name sound familiar to you? Karlskoga is a Swedish city (32000 inh.) about halfway between Stockholm and Oslo. More than 5000 people emigrated from here to America between 1849 (the goldrush in California) and 1935. Our Heritage Society has an emigrant section in its archives, and we are steadily working with emigrant research. If you happen to have roots here, please let us hear from you. Write to Hembygdsföreningen, Torget 10, 691 31 Karlskoga, or send e-mail to,We will be thrilled to hear the story of your emigrated ancestors and get copies of obituaries, citizenship papers, travel documents, pictures etc. for our emigrant records. In return we are willing to send you material from our archives that may be of interest to you.

Pat Lehne Sun Sep 21 20:40:34 1997
Any and all info available on g-grandparents; PETERSON, John and wife Julia HANSON Peterson. In the Beaver and York areas in the approximate years of 1865-1905. Members of Satersdahl Church and buried in one of these counties in a little cemetery off the main roads. John also known as "John Forli" but not listed in census by this name. Assumed it was probably taken from the farm he worked at in Norway.

Sue Eddy Mon Sep 8 19:04:46 1997
I am searching for death dates and family information for Dorothy VINCENT who married Lloyd BATTERSON of Chatfield in July of 1932. Lloyd was employed at the Chatfield Creamery at that time. Dorothy had brothers and sisters that may have lived in this area also: Paul, Edna, Jeanette, Alice, Frances and Charles Eugene Vincent. I'd appreciate any assistance. Some of the family may have been living at Rochester or St. Charles. Thank you.

Charles Holmes Sat Sep 6 11:46:28 1997
I am looking for information on Thomas HOLMES and Hannah SUGGETT Holmes. They came from England and settled in Filmore County Near Chatfield.They had five children. Henry, Oscar Thomas Or Charles Oscar, George, Richard or Dick, and Fanny. Oscar Thomas or Charles Oscar was born in 1846 in Filmore County near Chatfield. Any information anyone can find for me would be a great help.

Muriel Schwartz Tue Aug 26 23:17:30 1997
I am trying to find information on the James McLAUGHLIN family as well as the John ADDISON Family. These families lived in Fillmore co. Harmony and Big Springs area. They came from Will co. Il. near Lockport and Joliet. They were in Fillmore co.; in the 1860 and 70's. They were related to the Geo. DUXBURY's and the John NAYLORs who also lived in the same area at the same time. The women were all sisters. I am trying to find where the Addisons and the McLaughlins went to or did they stay in Fillmore Co? I am also trying to find where and when they died. I do have the Naylor Genealogy and what I need of the Duxbury genealogy but I certainly have a few missing spots in the CARPENTER line up. Any help would be appreciated. John Addison m. Sophia Carpenter James McLaughlin m. Bridget Carpenter John Naylor m. Betsy Carpenter Rose(Rosa) Carpenter m. Geo. Duxbury There was a sister Emma who mar. a Taylor and a couple brothers Thomas and Joseph.

Denise Frederick Thu Aug 14 10:00:24 1997
Looking for any and all information about Hiram BROOKS and his wife Amanda TURNER, daughter of Lonely QUIGLEY and Mr. Turner. Amanda and Hiram Brooks lived in Fillmore Co., MN. Amanda had four brothers: Polk Turner, Oscar D. Turner, Abram H. Turner and Frank Turner. Am interested in locating decendancy information. Please email response to Thanks, Denise Frederick

Gene Estensen GEstensen@AOL.COM Tue Jul 1 19:11:11 1997
Ostein Nilsen BOEN came to Greenfield (Harmony) as an old man. He was from Tinn Parish, Telemark, Norway. He was re-united with his sons Tostein and Ole in 1860. Among my ancestors in Greenfield during the 1860s were Nils Osteinsen Boen, Tov Osteinsen KAASE (later AUSTIN), Gregar Gregarsen Boen and wife Gro. Ostein rests at Greenfield Lutheran Church cemetery. He was born in 1790 and was known as Austin Nilsen Boen in America.

c. ulbrickson Mon Jun 30 22:26:18 1997
Am searching for any members of John and Sarah HENNESSY. They homesteaded at Money Creek around 1850 and had an apple farm at Vinegar Hill. They were the parents of Philip, John, Michael and Daniel. I am also looking for any Hennessys from Rushford. If anyone has any information on any of these people please mail me at

Brad Elliott Sun Jun 22 16:19:26 1997
I'm trying to find information about the lineage of Gordon ELLIOTT - born 29 Apr 1914, died May 1971. His wife's name was Thelma Elliott - born 09 Dec 1918, died Feb 1984. they both died and are buried in Harmony MN - Fillmore County.

Svein Indrelid Sat, 14 Jun 1997 14:27:24 Organization: Universitet i Bergen
I am looking for information on emigrants from the Flåm valley, Aurland township, Sogn & Fjordane county, Norway 1844-1920 and their descendants. From this small community (today 400 inhab.) more than 500 people emigrated to USA during the period in question. At present I am working on a the farm- and family history of the Flåm valley. The manuscript will be printed sept. 1998, and this book will be a part of the "bygdebok" of Aurland, where Anders Ohnstad has published the general township history ("Aurland I"), the geanealogy ("Aurland II") and three volumes of farm-history. My volume will be the fourth in this series.
In the volume of Flåm I will include the names and dates of the emigrant generation and children (both the Norwegian and the American born) and a (very) short family history of the emigrant family.

I would like to get in contact with anyone who has information of interest. The emigrants from the Flåm valley had the following surnames:

FRETHEIM (Frettem), FLÅM (Flom, Flaam), INDRELID (Indrelie, Indrelee, Indrelea, Lie, Lee, Lea), RYUM (Ryo), HOLUM (Hauglum), GEISME (Gesme, Gjesme, Jesme), DALSBOTTEN (Dalbotten, Dalbottom), TUNSHELLE (Thunshelle), MELHUS (Melhuus), KÅRDAL (Kaardal, Kaardahl, Kordal, Kordahl, Cordal, Cordahl), BEREKVAM (Berkvam, Berquam, Berqvam), VIDME (Vedme,Vibne, Widme, Wedme), BRÆKKE (Brekke, Brecke, Breche). Please use my e-mail address or write to: Svein Indrelid, Nubbebakken 10, N 5018 Bergen, NORWAY.

Cathy Halpin Fri Jun 13 15:43:59 1997
Researching WENNES (VENNES, VENICE) family. Have Andreas A. Wennes, wife Annie b. 1823 and 1829 in Norway. Children Ole and Ellen Johanna (Jennie) were b. 1865 and 1868 in Filmore Co, MN. Family in Dunn Co, WI by 1879. Would like to share information with any other Wennes family researcher.

CATHY HALPIN MAMIE1866@AOL.COM Fri Jun 13 15:48:23 1997
Researching AUSTRENG and LUBBS families in Fillmore Co. Henry Alfred Austreng (son of Charles (Martinson?) Austreng and Jennie WENNES) m. Martha Minnie LUBBS in Fillmore Co, MN 19 SEP 1916. Looking for any information on Austreng or Lubbs families.

David Pyne Thu Jun 12 18:12:15 1997
Margaret Lucille FOOTE b. 11 Jul 1904 St. Paul Park, Washington, MN m. 11 Jul 1923 to Gurney Allen Pyne d. 28 Jun 1985 Forest Grove, Washington, OR parents: Joseph Clarence FOOTE b. 15 Sept. 1862 Chatfield, MN d. 13 July, 1934 & Geneva Blanche Wilkins. Grandparents: Simeon FOOTE b. <1836> & Amelia Rose b. <1840> Chatfield,MN

Cindy Zisner Fri Jun 6 10:46:12 1997
I have ancestors, Abraham WIMMER and his wife Elizabeth QUICK, who lived in Preston, Fillmore Co. They apparently died on the same day, March 21, 1859. I would like any other information concerning their ancestors and their cause of death. Thank you.

Jacqueline Miller Sun Jun 1 15:10:26 1997
I want any information on Henrietta Josephine JOHNSON (B. 8 Jan 1905 in Rushford, Minnesota) She was married to Conrad Oliver MYHRE who was born on 23 Sept 1908 or 1903 in Blooming Prairie, Minn. he died in July 1977 in Nome, ND)

Jackie Perkins Wed May 28 13:56:21 1997
I am researchin the DUFFEY family that I have reason to believe left Ms before the Civil War and migrated to Fillmore Co around 1860. My great great great grandfather was John George W Duffey born in Va. in 1780. He migrated with his wife Catherine and sons Noah, James and maybe William. If anyone has any knowledge of this family or where John DUFFEY is buried please let me know or if someone can send me a copy of the 1860 census of Mn ( page 143 Thanks Jackie Perkins 6551 May Hollow Memphis, Tn. 38119

Stan Slippern Fri May 23 19:18:05 1997
Seeking information about my grandmother, Marian BATEMAN, born 16 Mar 1871 in Spring Valley, Fillmore Co., married Halfdan SLIPPERN about 1898 or 1899, and died in Fosston, MN on 28 Jan 1904. She was buried in Spring Valley. I want to find the date and place of her marriage and, if they exist, any published records of her marriage and her obituary. Am also interested in locating any direct descendents of her siblings who may still reside in the Spring Valley area. Thanks for any help - Stan in Richland, WA

Mary Matheson Fri May 9 08:50:30 1997
Iam researching my great grandmother Mary Elizabeth WATSON. She was born in Fillmore County. on August 2, 1885. She is one of twelve children of which all were born in Fillmore County. Her parents were James Elliot WATSON and Sarah Ann MEANS. They were married in Fillmore County but I do not have the date of their marriage. Mary WATSON married Phillip Peter SCHMIDT on August 2, 1885. They had several children of which most were born in Fillmore County. I would like to know if there is any one out their that is researching the WATSON and SCHMIDT surnames.

Warren M. Johnson Fri May 2 06:42:00 1997
Seeking info about Mary JUDD, Born 1864 in Fillmore County. Daughter of Antony JUDD, born in PA in 1825.

Sarah Normann Wed Apr 30 10:50:56 1997
I am researching Hans H. BAKKE (b. 1801 in Ringebu, Gudbrandsdalen, Norway; m. Ingeborg H. Skaar in WI between 1840-1849; d. 1876-7 in Houston Co., MN). He moved to Houston Co., MN in 1854 with his wife & two sons. They had two sons & one daugher that I know of; John H. (b. 1849 in WI) & Martin H. (b. 1954 in WI; m. Olivia (Olava) O. Dukleth 9 Jan 1876 probably in Spring Grove, Houston Co., MN; d. 1938 in Houston Co., MN) & Anna (b. ?, m. Ove Hallan Johnson ?). I do not know what happened to John. He may have married a women named Gunnel & moved to Fillmore Co., MN. My information on Anna needs confirmation. I would appreciate any help or direction to finding the original family in Norway or where John & Anna ended up. Other names I am researching are Christian Engell (b. 1841 in Numedal, Norway; photographer in Spring Grove, Houston C., MN) & Charlie Hoegh (b. 1846 in Norway; retail hardware dealer in Spring Grove, Houston Co., MN). I'm interested in finding their original families in Norway, especially Hoegh as I have little information on him.

Beverly Gill / Tony Wood Sat Apr 19 02:29:51 1997
Hello I've just been put onto your website by a helpful fellow subscriber to alt.genealogy, Becky Kruse. As I told her, it seems a long way to Minnesota from here, even with the globe-shrinking effect of Internet, so it is an act of faith and hope to contact you-all there on behalf of my friend, Beverley Gill. Kindest regards from Tony Wood (In Farnborough, Hampshire, England) . . . What I know: George READ (Reed?) b August 1842 Trowbridge, Wiltshire, England, married Harriett CROFT in Camberwell, Surrey, England in 1877. Daughter (Edith Matilda) b 1877 in Camberwell. Family sailed to USA, settled at **'Read's Landing'**, Chatfield, Filmore County, Minnesota. Son (John George, possibly christened 'George Read', by which he was always known) b 1878. George (b 1842) was a soldier/farmer and was "killed by Indians in the furtherance of tobacco" about 1878/9. Other reports suggest he was killed by being thrown from his horse, but it is possible this was someone else. Harriett and 2 children returned to Camberwell (per Census of 1881). George (b 1842) had a brother James in Lynn, Essex County, Mass. who married Georgiana (nee n/k) and they had a large family of which we know no more. (James b Trowbridge, England), and cousins at Pottsdam, Wisconsin. Any further information, or contact from relatives welcomed, please. This message posted on behalf of a friend, Beverly Gill (nee Read), now living in Stewkley, England. REPLY-TO:

Lori Lanum Wed Apr 2 06:25:51 1997
I am looking for information on the Edward BURNHAM family. They lived in Granger. Edward's wife was Hulda and they had an adopted son named John. I am trying to find out who John's real family was.

Carol Harrison CarolH726@aol.comTue Apr 1 16:57:59 1997
McKENZIE, William. He lived in the Cherry Grove, Spring Valley, Filmore Co. area in the late 1800's. His third wife was Sarah Hamlin and they had a son Roderick Due there in Filmore Co. I am descended from an earlier marriage to Jane Kilborn in OH and from their daughter Amanda, who married Robert McComb. Wm. was also married to Normanda Rix. Wm. died 31 Oct., 1901, age 75, and is buried in Cherry Grove Cem. Any info. regarding Wm. will be greatly appreciated. Carol Harrison, E-mail,

Jerry Zimmerman Mon Mar 24 12:48:53 1997
STELLMACHER/STELLMAKER, researching this surname in the Racine area [near Sumner and Spring Valley Twps]. Contact me.

Jerry Zimmerman Mon Mar 24 12:51:38 1997
EPPARD, reseaching this surname. My ancestor Phillip Eppard settled in the Racine area [near Sumner and Spring Valley Twps]. Contact me.

George Heine Sun Mar 23 21:00:47 1997
My Grandfather, George Winfield HEINE died 1 Jun 1930 in Spring Valley, Fillmore Co.,Mn He owned a farm in Jordan Twp, Fillmore Co. The farm was sold sometime in the 1930's. Where can I write to get a copy of the sale of this farm? His Children, George, Irving, William, Louis and Mary Larson would be the heirs.

Anne Mary C. Chapirson Sun Mar 23 08:44:27 1997
Looking for ancestors/descendents of the SVEJKOVSKY families: Descendants of Franz Svejkovsky 1 Franz Svejkovsky 1825 - 1880 . +Rosalie Smolik/Smolek 1827 - 1891 m: Abt 1847 .... 2 Mary/Marie Svejkovsky Yanda/Janda 1855 - 1946 ........ +Vaclay/Wesley C. Janda 1851 - 1896 m: 1873 .... 2 Anne Svejkovsky Weber 1858 - 1931 ........ +Joe Weber Abt 1858 - .... 2 Rosalie Svejkovsky Novotny Abt 1860 - ........ +J. Novotny Abt 1860 - .... 2 Franz "Frank" Svejkovsky 1862 - 1929 ........ +Bozana "Bessie" Fredrick Wasatka Svejkovsky 1867 - 1942 m: September 15, 1883 .... 2 Joseph F. Svejkovsky 1867 - 1955 ........

Barbara Kapp Sat Mar 22 11:00:57 1997
Clyde Alonzo BOSTWICK or Bostwick family lived in Filmore Co. or Hennepin Co. in 1897 to 1926.

Leslie Beebe Thu Mar 20 00:21:56 1997
BEEBE, Russell and Susana. Their son George W. is my Great-g- grandfather. George W's 1934 obituary states that he and his family came to the "wild section" of Minnesota, in Fillmore County, near Granger, in 1856. I think George W., who was 9, his father Russell, his sister Malvina and perhaps his mother and other 4 siblings came. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Shelly Cassidy Sun Mar 2 1997
I am researching the George DUXBURY family. George was born to William Duxbury(1798-1881) and Ann Whitaker(d. circa 1849). George was the ninth of ten children, born 15 Oct 1835, died 31 March 1912 in Sumner, Pierce Co., Wash. He came to the US c. 1849 from Lancashire England. The family settled at Salem, Mass. where the mother died. They then came to Rock County, Wisc, where the father is buried. George and all six of his brothers came to Fillmore County MN. George arrived c. 1862. He was married twice: 1) to Mary Mills in 1861, she died in 1869 leaving three daughters: Mary(1862-1869), Henrietta, and Sarah. George remarried Rose CARPENTER in 1872 and had two sons with her: William and John(1874-1958). Rose died in 1877, age almost 30. The family lived near Harmony Twp. Both wives and the eldest daughter are buried in Hutton Cemetery. The family moved to SD in 1882.

Ronald Gonty Sat Feb 22 02:31:32 1997
I am looking for any information on my great grand parents and their children: Martin Ellsworth COLBY, Born April 15,1861, Sisseton, Roberts, SD Died: Aug 10, 1905 Cherry Grove, Fillmore, MN. Wife Stella Mae Weeks, Born Dec 20, 1869 Tioga County PA. Died: Portland, Multnomah, Oregon Children: George Elmer Colby Born Feb 20, 1892 Cherry Grove MN This person was my Grand father and I would surely appreciate any information on this family name.

Lynn Wieczorek Sat Feb 8 15:49:18 1997
I am looking for information on Ole SOLE and wife Lena BERG SOLE They supposedly came to Harmony township with daughter Christina in 1855. So far I have been unable to locate them on any census record in Fillmore county. Christina married Karl BERG in 1874 in Fillmore county, and I can find no record of that either. If anyone had information on this family, please contact me.

Joyce Wilson Sun Jan 26 18:08:33 1997
Looking for TAYLOR and DaAVIS familys. Taylors from around Rushford Minn. Fred Davis and Virgilla Taylor were married at St Charles Minn.

LORI LANUM Lambcho227 Sat Jan 25 17:21:02 1997
Looking for Sanuel M. HUNT family. He was the Justice of the peace for Granger, MN. Samuel Nad his brothrt lived in Granger from 1857 - 1875. Many of their children were born In Fillmore county. Daniel Married Addie Ellis , who was the daughter of Dyer Ellis. Samuel's daughter Nettie(Annaggette) married John Burnham ( who was the adopted son of Edward Burnham)

Carrol Swanson 8 Jan 1997
Researching Emanuel Baker LONG b) 1856. Suspect father is Edward B. Long. Edward was a teacher in Fillmore Co. Carrol in CA.

Carrol Swanson Wed, 8 Jan 1997
Looking for parents of Minnie J. WORTZ b)abt 1868 in Fillmore Co. Later married Emanuel Baker Long & moved to SD.

Carrol Swanson Wed Jan 8 18:42:55 1997
Researching Emanuel Baker LONG b)1856 & married Minnie J. WORTZ b) abt 1868. They moved to Webster, SD to start their family. Father of Emanuel may be Edward Long. Any connections? Plz email