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Townships and Cities Beginning with P, Q & R
and the Counties in Which They Are Located

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Paddock Twp. -- Otter Tail Co.
Page Twp. -- Mille Lacs Co.
Palisade (city) -- Aitkin Co.
Palmer Twp. -- Sherburne Co.
Palmville Twp. -- Roseau Co.
Palmyra Twp. -- Renville Co.
Park Rapids (city) -- Hubbard Co.
Park Twp. -- Pine Co.
Parke Twp. -- Clay Co.
Parker Twp. -- Marshall Co.
Parker Twp. -- Morrison Co.
Parkers Prairie (city) -- Otter Tail Co.
Parkers Prairie Twp. -- Otter Tail Co.
Parnell Twp. -- Polk Co.
Parnell Twp. -- Traverse Co.
Partridge Twp. -- Pine Co.
Paxton Twp. -- Redwood Co.
Payne Twp. -- St. Louis Co.
Paynesville (city) -- Stearns Co.
Paynesville Twp. -- Stearns Co.
Peace Twp. -- Kanabec Co.
Pease (city) -- Mille Lacs Co.
Pelan Twp. -- Kittson Co.
Pelican Lake Twp. -- Grant Co.
Pelican Rapids (city) -- Otter Tail Co.
Pelican Twp. -- Otter Tail Co.
Pelican Twp. -- Crow Wing Co.
Pemberton (city) -- Blue Earth Co.
Pembina Twp. -- Mahnomen Co.
Penn Twp. -- McLeod Co.
Pennock (city) -- Kandiyohi Co.
Pepin Twp. -- Wabasha Co.
Pepperton Twp. -- Stevens Co.
Pequaywan Twp. -- St. Louis Co.
Pequot Lakes (city) -- Crow Wing Co.
Perch Lake Twp. -- Carlton Co.
Percy Twp. -- Kittson Co.
Perham (city) -- Otter Tail Co.
Perham Twp. -- Otter Tail Co.
Perley (city) -- Norman Co.
Perry Lake Twp. -- Crow Wing Co.
Perry Twp. -- Lac Qui Parle Co.
Petersburg Twp. -- Jackson Co.
Peterson (city) -- Fillmore Co.
Pickerel Lake Twp. -- Freeborn Co.
Pierz (city) -- Morrison Co.
Pierz Twp. -- Morrison Co.
Pike Bay Twp. -- Cass Co.
Pike Creek Twp. -- Morrison Co.
Pike Twp. -- St. Louis Co.
Pillager (city) -- Cass Co.
Pillsbury Twp. -- Swift Co.
Pilot Grove Twp. -- Faribault Co.
Pilot Mound Twp. -- Fillmore Co.
Pine City (city) -- Pine Co.
Pine City Twp. -- Pine Co.
Pine Island (city) (part of) -- Goodhue Co.
Pine Island (city) (part of) -- Olmsted Co.
Pine Island Twp. -- Goodhue Co.
Pine Lake Twp. -- Otter Tail Co.
Pine Lake Twp. -- Pine Co.
Pine Lake Twp. -- Cass Co.
Pine Lake Twp. -- Clearwater Co.
Pine Point Twp. -- Becker Co.
Pine River (city) -- Cass Co.
Pine River Twp. -- Cass Co.
Pine Springs (city) -- Washington Co.
Pipestone (city) -- Pipestone Co.
Plainview (city) -- Wabasha Co.
Plainview Twp. -- Wabasha Co.
Plato (city) -- McLeod Co.
Platte Lake Twp. -- Crow Wing Co.
Platte Twp. -- Morrison Co.
Pleasant Grove Twp. -- Olmsted Co.
Pleasant Hill Twp. -- Winona Co.
Pleasant Lake (city) -- Stearns Co.
Pleasant Mound Twp. -- Blue Earth Co.
Pleasant Prairie Twp. -- Martin Co.
Pleasant Valley Twp. -- Mower Co.
Pleasant View Twp. -- Norman Co.
Pliny Twp. -- Aitkin Co.
Plummer (city) -- Red Lake Co.
Plymouth (city) -- Hennepin Co.
Pohlitz Twp. -- Roseau Co.
Pokegama Twp. -- Pine Co.
Polk Centre Twp. -- Pennington Co.
Polonia Twp. -- Roseau Co.
Pomme de Terre Twp. -- Grant Co.
Pomroy Twp. -- Kanabec Co.
Pomroy Twp. -- Itasca Co.
Ponemah CDP -- Beltrami Co.
Ponto Lake Twp. -- Cass Co.
Poplar Grove Twp. -- Roseau Co.
Poplar River Twp. -- Red Lake Co.
Poplar Twp. -- Cass Co.
Popple Grove Twp. -- Mahnomen Co.
Popple Twp. -- Clearwater Co.
Poppleton Twp. -- Kittson Co.
Port Hope Twp. -- Beltrami Co.
Portage Twp. -- St. Louis Co.
Porter (city) -- Yellow Medicine Co.
Posen Twp. -- Yellow Medicine Co.
Powers Twp. -- Cass Co.
Prairie Lake Twp. -- St. Louis Co.
Prairie View Twp. -- Wilkin Co.
Prairieville Twp. -- Brown Co.
Preble Twp. -- Fillmore Co.
Prescott Twp. -- Faribault Co.
Preston (city) -- Fillmore Co.
Preston Lake Twp. -- Renville Co.
Preston Twp. -- Fillmore Co.
Princeton (city) (part of) -- Mille Lacs Co.
Princeton (city) (part of) -- Sherburne Co.
Princeton Twp. -- Mille Lacs Co.
Prinsburg (city) -- Kandiyohi Co.
Prior Lake (city) -- Scott Co.
Prior Twp. -- Big Stone Co.
Proctor (city) -- St. Louis Co.
Providence Twp. -- Lac Qui Parle Co.
Pulaski Twp. -- Morrison Co.
Quamba (city) -- Kanabec Co.
Queen Twp. -- Polk Co.
Quincy Twp. -- Olmsted Co.
Quiring Twp. -- Beltrami Co.
Rabbit Lake Twp. -- Crow Wing Co.
Racine (city) -- Mower Co.
Racine Twp. -- Mower Co.
Rail Prairie Twp. -- Morrison Co.
Ramsey (city) -- Anoka Co.
Randall (city) -- Morrison Co.
Randolph (city) -- Dakota Co.
Randolph Twp. -- Dakota Co.
Ranier (city) -- Koochiching Co.
Ransom Twp. -- Nobles Co.
Rapidan Twp. -- Blue Earth Co.
Ravenna Twp. -- Dakota Co.
Raymond (city) -- Kandiyohi Co.
Raymond Twp. -- Stearns Co.
Red Eye Twp. -- Wadena Co.
Red Lake CDP -- Beltrami Co.
Red Lake Falls (city) -- Red Lake Co.
Red Lake Falls Twp. -- Red Lake Co.
Red Rock Twp. -- Mower Co.
Red Wing (city) -- Goodhue Co.
Redby CDP -- Beltrami Co.
Redpath Twp. -- Traverse Co.
Redwood Falls (city) -- Redwood Co.
Redwood Falls Twp. -- Redwood Co.
Regal (city) -- Kandiyohi Co.
Reine Twp. -- Roseau Co.
Reiner Twp. -- Pennington Co.
Reis Twp. -- Polk Co.
Remer (city) -- Cass Co.
Remer Twp. -- Cass Co.
Rendsville Twp. -- Stevens Co.
Reno Twp. -- Pope Co.
Renville (city) -- Renville Co.
Revere (city) -- Redwood Co.
Reynolds Twp. -- Todd Co.
Rheiderland Twp. -- Chippewa Co.
Rhinehart Twp. -- Polk Co.
Rice (city) -- Benton Co.
Rice Lake Twp. -- St. Louis Co.
Rice River Twp. -- Aitkin Co.
Rice Twp. -- Clearwater Co.
Riceland Twp. -- Freeborn Co.
Riceville Twp. -- Becker Co.
Rich Valley Twp. -- McLeod Co.
Richardson Twp. -- Morrison Co.
Richardville Twp. -- Kittson Co.
Richfield (city) -- Hennepin Co.
Richland Twp. -- Rice Co.
Richmond (city) -- Stearns Co.
Richmond Twp. -- Winona Co.
Richville (city) -- Otter Tail Co.
Richwood Twp. -- Becker Co.
Ridgely Twp. -- Nicollet Co.
Ripley Twp. -- Dodge Co.
Ripley Twp. -- Morrison Co.
River Falls Twp. -- Pennington Co.
River Twp. -- Red Lake Co.
Riverdale Twp. -- Watonwan Co.
Riverside Twp. -- Lac Qui Parle Co.
Riverton (city) -- Crow Wing Co.
Riverton Twp. -- Clay Co.
Robbinsdale (city) -- Hennepin Co.
Roberts Twp. -- Wilkin Co.
Rochester (city) -- Olmsted Co.
Rochester Twp. -- Olmsted Co.
Rock Creek (city) -- Pine Co.
Rock Dell Twp. -- Olmsted Co.
Rock Lake Twp. -- Lyon Co.
Rock Twp. -- Pipestone Co.
Rockford (city) (part of) -- Wright Co.
Rockford (city) (part of) -- Hennepin Co.
Rockford Twp. -- Wright Co.
Rocksbury Twp. -- Pennington Co.
Rockville (city) -- Stearns Co.
Rockville Twp. -- Stearns Co.
Rockwell Twp. -- Norman Co.
Rockwood Twp. -- Hubbard Co.
Rockwood Twp. -- Wadena Co.
Rogers (city) -- Hennepin Co.
Rogers Twp. -- Cass Co.
Rolling Forks Twp. -- Pope Co.
Rolling Green Twp. -- Martin Co.
Rollingstone (city) -- Winona Co.
Rollingstone Twp. -- Winona Co.
Rollis Twp. -- Marshall Co.
Rome Twp. -- Faribault Co.
Ronneby (city) -- Benton Co.
Roome Twp. -- Polk Co.
Roosevelt (city) (part of) -- Lake of the Woods Co.
Roosevelt (city) (part of) -- Roseau Co.
Roosevelt Twp. -- Beltrami Co.
Roosevelt Twp. -- Crow Wing Co.
Roscoe (city) -- Stearns Co.
Roscoe Twp. -- Goodhue Co.
Rose Creek (city) -- Mower Co.
Rose Dell Twp. -- Rock Co.
Rose Hill Twp. -- Cottonwood Co.
Roseau (city) -- Roseau Co.
Rosebud Twp. -- Polk Co.
Rosedale Twp. -- Mahnomen Co.
Roseland Twp. -- Kandiyohi Co.
Rosemount (city) -- Dakota Co.
Rosendale Twp. -- Watonwan Co.
Roseville (city) -- Ramsey Co.
Roseville Twp. -- Kandiyohi Co.
Roseville Twp. -- Grant Co.
Rosewood Twp. -- Chippewa Co.
Rosing Twp. -- Morrison Co.
Ross Lake Twp. -- Crow Wing Co.
Ross Twp. -- Roseau Co.
Rost Twp. -- Jackson Co.
Rothsay (city) (part of) -- Otter Tail Co.
Rothsay (city) (part of) -- Wilkin Co.
Round Grove Twp. -- McLeod Co.
Round Lake (city) -- Nobles Co.
Round Lake Twp. -- Becker Co.
Round Lake Twp. -- Jackson Co.
Round Prairie Twp. -- Todd Co.
Royal Twp. -- Lincoln Co.
Royalton (city) -- Morrison Co.
Royalton Twp. -- Pine Co.
Runeberg Twp. -- Becker Co.
Rush City (city) -- Chisago Co.
Rush Lake Twp. -- Otter Tail Co.
Rushford (city) -- Fillmore Co.
Rushford Village (city) -- Fillmore Co.
Rushmore (city) -- Nobles Co.
Rushseba Twp. -- Chisago Co.
Russell (city) -- Lyon Co.
Russia Twp. -- Polk Co.
Ruthton (city) -- Pipestone Co.
Rutland Twp. -- Martin Co.
Rutledge (city) -- Pine Co.