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Townships and Cities Beginning with M, N & O
and the Counties in Which They Are Located

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Mabel (city) -- Fillmore Co.
Macsville Twp. -- Grant Co.
Macville Twp. -- Aitkin Co.
Madelia (city) -- Watonwan Co.
Madelia Twp. -- Watonwan Co.
Madison (city) -- Lac qui Parle Co.
Madison Lake (city) -- Blue Earth Co.
Madison Twp. -- Lac qui Parle Co.
Magnolia (city) -- Rock Co.
Magnolia Twp. -- Rock Co.
Mahnomen (city) -- Mahnomen Co.
Mahtomedi (city) -- Washington Co.
Mahtowa Twp. -- Carlton Co.
Maine Prairie Twp. -- Stearns Co.
Maine Twp. -- Otter Tail Co.
Malmo Twp. -- Aitkin Co.
Malta Twp. -- Big Stone Co.
Malung Twp. -- Roseau Co.
Mamre Twp. -- Kandiyohi Co.
Manannah Twp. -- Meeker Co.
Manchester (city) -- Freeborn Co.
Manchester Twp. -- Freeborn Co.
Mandt Twp. -- Chippewa Co.
Manfred Twp. -- Lac qui Parle Co.
Manhattan Beach (city) -- Crow Wing Co.
Mankato (city) (part of) -- Blue Earth Co.
Mankato (city) (part of) -- Nicollet Co.
Mankato Twp. -- Blue Earth Co.
Mansfield Twp. -- Freeborn Co.
Manston Twp. -- Wilkin Co.
Mantorville (city) -- Dodge Co.
Mantorville Twp. -- Dodge Co.
Mantrap Twp. -- Hubbard Co.
Manyaska Twp. -- Martin Co.
Maple Grove (city) -- Hennepin Co.
Maple Grove Twp. -- Becker Co.
Maple Grove Twp. -- Crow Wing Co.
Maple Lake (city) -- Wright Co.
Maple Lake Twp. -- Wright Co.
Maple Plain (city) -- Hennepin Co.
Maple Ridge Twp. -- Beltrami Co.
Maple Ridge Twp. -- Isanti Co.
Maple Twp. -- Cass Co.
Mapleton (city) -- Blue Earth Co.
Mapleton Twp. -- Blue Earth Co.
Mapleview (city) -- Mower Co.
Maplewood (city) -- Ramsey Co.
Maplewood Twp. -- Otter Tail Co.
Marble (city) -- Itasca Co.
Marble Twp. -- Lincoln Co.
Marcell Twp. -- Itasca Co.
Marietta (city) -- Lac qui Parle Co.
Marine on St. Croix (city) -- Washington Co.
Marion Twp. -- Olmsted Co.
Marsh Creek Twp. -- Mahnomen Co.
Marsh Grove Twp. -- Marshall Co.
Marshall (city) -- Lyon Co.
Marshall Twp. -- Mower Co.
Marshan Twp. -- Dakota Co.
Marshfield Twp. -- Lincoln Co.
Martin Twp. -- Rock Co.
Martinsburg Twp. -- Renville Co.
Mary Twp. -- Norman Co.
Marysland Twp. -- Swift Co.
Marysville Twp. -- Wright Co.
Mason Twp. -- Murray Co.
Max Twp. -- Itasca Co.
Maxwell Twp. -- Lac qui Parle Co.
May Twp. -- Washington Co.
May Twp. -- Cass Co.
Mayer (city) -- Carver Co.
Mayfield Twp. -- Pennington Co.
Mayhew Lake Twp. -- Benton Co.
Maynard (city) -- Chippewa Co.
Mayville Twp. -- Houston Co.
Maywood Twp. -- Benton Co.
Mazeppa (city) -- Wabasha Co.
Mazeppa Twp. -- Wabasha Co.
McCauleyville Twp. -- Wilkin Co.
McCrea Twp. -- Marshall Co.
McDavitt Twp. -- St. Louis Co.
McDonaldsville Twp. -- Norman Co.
McGrath (city) -- Aitkin Co.
McGregor (city) -- Aitkin Co.
McGregor Twp. -- Aitkin Co.
McIntosh (city) -- Polk Co.
McKinley (city) -- St. Louis Co.
McKinley Twp. -- Cass Co.
McKinley Twp. -- Kittson Co.
McPherson Twp. -- Blue Earth Co.
Meadow Brook Twp. -- Cass Co.
Meadow Twp. -- Wadena Co.
Meadowlands (city) -- St. Louis Co.
Meadowlands Twp. -- St. Louis Co.
Meadows Twp. -- Wilkin Co.
Medford (city) -- Steele Co.
Medford Twp. -- Steele Co.
Medicine Lake (city) -- Hennepin Co.
Medina (city) -- Hennepin Co.
Medo Twp. -- Blue Earth Co.
Mehurin Twp. -- Lac qui Parle Co.
Meire Grove (city) -- Stearns Co.
Melrose (city) -- Stearns Co.
Melrose Twp. -- Stearns Co.
Melville Twp. -- Renville Co.
Menahga (city) -- Wadena Co.
Mendota (city) -- Dakota Co.
Mendota Heights (city) -- Dakota Co.
Mentor (city) -- Polk Co.
Meriden Twp. -- Steele Co.
Merton Twp. -- Steele Co.
Mickinock Twp. -- Roseau Co.
Middle River (city) -- Marshall Co.
Middle River Twp. -- Marshall Co.
Middletown Twp. -- Jackson Co.
Middleville Twp. -- Wright Co.
Midway Twp. -- Cottonwood Co.
Midway Twp. -- St. Louis Co.
Miesville (city) -- Dakota Co.
Milaca (city) -- Mille Lacs Co.
Milaca Twp. -- Mille Lacs Co.
Milan (city) -- Chippewa Co.
Milford Twp. -- Brown Co.
Millerville (city) -- Douglas Co.
Millerville Twp. -- Douglas Co.
Millville (city) -- Wabasha Co.
Millward Twp. -- Aitkin Co.
Millwood Twp. -- Stearns Co.
Milo Twp. -- Mille Lacs Co.
Milroy (city) -- Redwood Co.
Milton Twp. -- Dodge Co.
Miltona (city) -- Douglas Co.
Miltona Twp. -- Douglas Co.
Minden Twp. -- Benton Co.
Minerva Twp. -- Clearwater Co.
Minneapolis (city) -- Hennepin Co.
Minneiska (city) (part of) -- Wabasha Co.
Minneiska (city) (part of) -- Winona Co.
Minneiska Twp. -- Wabasha Co.
Minneola Twp. -- Goodhue Co.
Minneota (city) -- Lyon Co.
Minneota Twp. -- Jackson Co.
Minnesota City (city) -- Winona Co.
Minnesota Falls Twp. -- Yellow Medicine Co.
Minnesota Lake (city) -- Faribault Co.
Minnesota Lake Twp. -- Faribault Co.
Minnetonka Beach (city) -- Hennepin Co.
Minnetonka (city) -- Hennepin Co.
Minnetrista (city) -- Hennepin Co.
Minnewaska Twp. -- Pope Co.
Minnie Twp. -- Beltrami Co.
Mission Creek Twp. -- Pine Co.
Mission Twp. -- Crow Wing Co.
Mitchell Twp. -- Wilkin Co.
Mizpah (city) -- Koochiching Co.
Moe Twp. -- Douglas Co.
Moland Twp. -- Clay Co.
Moltke Twp. -- Sibley Co.
Money Creek Twp. -- Houston Co.
Monroe Twp. -- Lyon Co.
Monson Twp. -- Traverse Co.
Montevideo (city) -- Chippewa Co.
Montgomery (city) -- Le Sueur Co.
Montgomery Twp. -- Le Sueur Co.
Monticello (city) -- Wright Co.
Monticello Twp. -- Wright Co.
Montrose (city) -- Wright Co.
Moonshine Twp. -- Big Stone Co.
Moore Twp. -- Stevens Co.
Moorhead (city) -- Clay Co.
Moorhead Twp. -- Clay Co.
Moose Creek Twp. -- Clearwater Co.
Moose Lake (city) -- Carlton Co.
Moose Lake Twp. -- Cass Co.
Moose Lake Twp. -- Carlton Co.
Moose Lake Twp. -- Beltrami Co.
Moose Park Twp. -- Itasca Co.
Moose River Twp. -- Marshall Co.
Moose Twp. -- Roseau Co.
Mora (city) -- Kanabec Co.
Moran Twp. -- Todd Co.
Moranville Twp. -- Roseau Co.
Morcom Twp. -- St. Louis Co.
Morgan (city) -- Redwood Co.
Morgan Twp. -- Redwood Co.
Morken Twp. -- Clay Co.
Morrill Twp. -- Morrison Co.
Morris (city) -- Stevens Co.
Morris Twp. -- Stevens Co.
Morrison Twp. -- Aitkin Co.
Morristown (city) -- Rice Co.
Morristown Twp. -- Rice Co.
Morse Twp. -- Itasca Co.
Morse Twp. -- St. Louis Co.
Morton (city) -- Renville Co.
Moscow Twp. -- Freeborn Co.
Motley (city) (part of) -- Cass Co.
Motley (city) (part of) -- Morrison Co.
Motley Twp. -- Morrison Co.
Moulton Twp. -- Murray Co.
Mound (city) -- Hennepin Co.
Mound Prairie Twp. -- Houston Co.
Mound Twp. -- Rock Co.
Mounds View (city) -- Ramsey Co.
Mount Morris Twp. -- Morrison Co.
Mount Pleasant Twp. -- Wabasha Co.
Mount Vernon Twp. -- Winona Co.
Mountain Iron (city) -- St. Louis Co.
Mountain Lake (city) -- Cottonwood Co.
Mountain Lake Twp. -- Cottonwood Co.
Moyer Twp. -- Swift Co.
Moylan Twp. -- Marshall Co.
Mudgett Twp. -- Mille Lacs Co.
Mulligan Twp. -- Brown Co.
Munch Twp. -- Pine Co.
Munson Twp. -- Stearns Co.
Murdock (city) -- Swift Co.
Murray Twp. -- Murray Co.
Myrtle (city) -- Freeborn Co.
Nashua (city) -- Wilkin Co.
Nashville Twp. -- Martin Co.
Nashwauk (city) -- Itasca Co.
Nashwauk Twp. -- Itasca Co.
Nassau (city) -- Lac qui Parle Co.
Naytahwaush CDP -- Mahnomen Co.
Nebish Twp. -- Beltrami Co.
Nelson (city) -- Douglas Co.
Nelson Park Twp. -- Marshall Co.
Nelson Twp. -- Watonwan Co.
Nereson Twp. -- Roseau Co.
Nerstrand (city) -- Rice Co.
Nesbit Twp. -- Polk Co.
Ness Twp. -- St. Louis Co.
Nessel Twp. -- Chisago Co.
Nevada Twp. -- Mower Co.
Nevis (city) -- Hubbard Co.
Nevis Twp. -- Hubbard Co.
New Auburn (city) -- Sibley Co.
New Auburn Twp. -- Sibley Co.
New Avon Twp. -- Redwood Co.
New Brighton (city) -- Ramsey Co.
New Dosey Twp. -- Pine Co.
New Folden Twp. -- Marshall Co.
New Germany (city) -- Carver Co.
New Hartford Twp. -- Winona Co.
New Haven Twp. -- Olmsted Co.
New Hope (city) -- Hennepin Co.
New Independence Twp. -- St. Louis Co.
New London (city) -- Kandiyohi Co.
New London Twp. -- Kandiyohi Co.
New Maine Twp. -- Marshall Co.
New Market (city) -- Scott Co.
New Market Twp. -- Scott Co.
New Munich (city) -- Stearns Co.
New Prague (city) (part of) -- Le Sueur Co.
New Prague (city) (part of) -- Scott Co.
New Prairie Twp. -- Pope Co.
New Richland (city) -- Waseca Co.
New Richland Twp. -- Waseca Co.
New Scandia Twp. -- Washington Co.
New Solum Twp. -- Marshall Co.
New Sweden Twp. -- Nicollet Co.
New Trier (city) -- Dakota Co.
New Ulm (city) -- Brown Co.
New York Mills (city) -- Otter Tail Co.
Newburg Twp. -- Fillmore Co.
Newfolden (city) -- Marshall Co.
Newport (city) -- Washington Co.
Newry Twp. -- Freeborn Co.
Newton Twp. -- Otter Tail Co.
Nickerson Twp. -- Pine Co.
Nicollet (city) -- Nicollet Co.
Nicollet Twp. -- Nicollet Co.
Nidaros Twp. -- Otter Tail Co.
Nielsville (city) -- Polk Co.
Nilsen Twp. -- Wilkin Co.
Nimrod (city) -- Wadena Co.
Nininger Twp. -- Dakota Co.
Nisswa (city) -- Crow Wing Co.
Nokay Lake Twp. -- Crow Wing Co.
Nora Twp. -- Clearwater Co.
Nora Twp. -- Pope Co.
Norcross (city) -- Grant Co.
Norden Twp. -- Pennington Co.
Nordick Twp. -- Wilkin Co.
Nordland Twp. -- Aitkin Co.
Nordland Twp. -- Lyon Co.
Nore Twp. -- Itasca Co.
Norfolk Twp. -- Renville Co.
Norman Twp. -- Pine Co.
Norman Twp. -- Yellow Medicine Co.
Normania Twp. -- Yellow Medicine Co.
Normanna Twp. -- St. Louis Co.
North Branch (city) -- Chisago Co.
North Branch Twp. -- Isanti Co.
North Fork Twp. -- Stearns Co.
North Germany Twp. -- Wadena Co.
North Hero Twp. -- Redwood Co.
North Mankato (city) (part of) -- Nicollet Co.
North Mankato (city) (part of) -- Blue Earth Co.
North Oaks (city) -- Ramsey Co.
North Ottawa Twp. -- Grant Co.
North Red River Twp. -- Kittson Co.
North Redwood (city) -- Redwood Co.
North St. Paul (city) -- Ramsey Co.
North Star Twp. -- Brown Co.
North Star Twp. -- St. Louis Co.
North Twp. -- Pennington Co.
Northern Twp. -- Beltrami Co.
Northfield (city) (part of) -- Dakota Co.
Northfield (city) (part of) -- Rice Co.
Northfield Twp. -- Rice Co.
Northland Twp. -- St. Louis Co.
Northland Twp. -- Polk Co.
Northome (city) -- Koochiching Co.
Northrop (city) -- Martin Co.
Norton Twp. -- Winona Co.
Norway Lake Twp. -- Kandiyohi Co.
Norway Twp. -- Fillmore Co.
Norway Twp. -- Kittson Co.
Norwegian Grove Twp. -- Otter Tail Co.
Norwood (city) -- Carver Co.
Numedal Twp. -- Pennington Co.
Nunda Twp. -- Freeborn Co.
O'Brien Twp. -- Beltrami Co.
Oak Grove Twp. -- Anoka Co.
Oak Lawn Twp. -- Crow Wing Co.
Oak Park Heights (city) -- Washington Co.
Oak Park Twp. -- Marshall Co.
Oak Twp. -- Stearns Co.
Oak Valley Twp. -- Otter Tail Co.
Oakdale (city) -- Washington Co.
Oakland Twp. -- Freeborn Co.
Oakland Twp. -- Mahnomen Co.
Oakport CDP -- Clay Co.
Oakport Twp. -- Clay Co.
Oakwood Twp. -- Wabasha Co.
Odessa (city) -- Big Stone Co.
Odessa Twp. -- Big Stone Co.
Odin (city) -- Watonwan Co.
Odin Twp. -- Watonwan Co.
Ogema (city) -- Becker Co.
Ogema Twp. -- Pine Co.
Ogilvie (city) -- Kanabec Co.
Okabena (city) -- Jackson Co.
Oklee (city) -- Red Lake Co.
Olivia (city) -- Renville Co.
Olney Twp. -- Nobles Co.
Omro Twp. -- Yellow Medicine Co.
Onamia (city) -- Mille Lacs Co.
Onamia Twp. -- Mille Lacs Co.
Onstad Twp. -- Polk Co.
Orange Twp. -- Douglas Co.
Orion Twp. -- Olmsted Co.
Ormsby (city) (part of) -- Martin Co.
Ormsby (city) (part of) -- Watonwan Co.
Orono (city) -- Hennepin Co.
Oronoco (city) -- Olmsted Co.
Oronoco Twp. -- Olmsted Co.
Orr (city) -- St. Louis Co.
Orrock Twp. -- Sherburne Co.
Orton Twp. -- Wadena Co.
Ortonville (city) (part of) -- Big Stone Co.
Ortonville (city) (part of) -- Lac Qui Parle Co.
Ortonville Twp. -- Big Stone Co.
Orwell Twp. -- Otter Tail Co.
Osage Twp. -- Becker Co.
Osakis (city) (part of) -- Douglas Co.
Osakis (city) (part of) -- Todd Co.
Osakis Twp. -- Douglas Co.
Osborne Twp. -- Pipestone Co.
Oscar Twp. -- Otter Tail Co.
Osceola Twp. -- Renville Co.
Oshawa Twp. -- Nicollet Co.
Oshkosh Twp. -- Yellow Medicine Co.
Oslo (city) -- Marshall Co.
Osseo (city) -- Hennepin Co.
Ostrander (city) -- Fillmore Co.
Oteneagen Twp. -- Itasca Co.
Otisco Twp. -- Waseca Co.
Otrey Twp. -- Big Stone Co.
Otsego Twp. -- Wright Co.
Ottawa Twp. -- Le Sueur Co.
Otter Tail Peninsula Twp. -- Cass Co.
Otter Tail Twp. -- Otter Tail Co.
Ottertail (city) -- Otter Tail Co.
Otto Twp. -- Otter Tail Co.
Owatonna (city) -- Steele Co.
Owatonna Twp. -- Steele Co.
Owens Twp. -- St. Louis Co.
Oxford Twp. -- Isanti Co.