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Townships and Cities Beginning with F, G & H
and the Counties in Which They Are Located

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Fahlun Twp. -- Kandiyohi Co.
Fair Haven Twp. -- Stearns Co.
Fairbanks Twp. -- St. Louis Co.
Fairfax (city) -- Renville Co.
Fairfax Twp. -- Polk Co.
Fairfield Twp. -- Crow Wing Co.
Fairfield Twp. -- Swift Co.
Fairmont (city) -- Martin Co.
Fairmont Twp. -- Martin Co.
Fairview Twp. -- Cass Co.
Fairview Twp. -- Lyon Co.
Falcon Heights (city) -- Ramsey Co.
Falk Twp. -- Clearwater Co.
Fall Lake Twp. -- Lake Co.
Falun Twp. -- Roseau Co.
Fanny Twp. -- Polk Co.
Farden Twp. -- Hubbard Co.
Faribault (city) -- Rice Co.
Farley Twp. -- Polk Co.
Farm Island Twp. -- Aitkin Co.
Farming Twp. -- Stearns Co.
Farmington (city) -- Dakota Co.
Farmington Twp. -- Olmsted Co.
Farwell (city) -- Pope Co.
Fawn Lake Twp. -- Todd Co.
Faxon Twp. -- Sibley Co.
Fayal Twp. -- St. Louis Co.
Featherstone Twp. -- Goodhue Co.
Federal Dam (city) -- Cass Co.
Feeley Twp. -- Itasca Co.
Felton (city) -- Clay Co.
Felton Twp. -- Clay Co.
Fenton Twp. -- Murray Co.
Fergus Falls (city) -- Otter Tail Co.
Fergus Falls Twp. -- Otter Tail Co.
Fern Twp. -- Hubbard Co.
Fertile (city) -- Polk Co.
Field Twp. -- St. Louis Co.
Fieldon Twp. -- Watonwan Co.
Fifty Lakes (city) -- Crow Wing Co.
Fillmore Twp. -- Fillmore Co.
Fine Lakes Twp. -- St. Louis Co.
Finlayson (city) -- Pine Co.
Finlayson Twp. -- Pine Co.
Fish Lake Twp. -- Chisago Co.
Fisher (city) -- Polk Co.
Fisher Twp. -- Polk Co.
Fleming Twp. -- Aitkin Co.
Fleming Twp. -- Pine Co.
Flensburg (city) -- Morrison Co.
Flom Twp. -- Norman Co.
Floodwood (city) -- St. Louis Co.
Floodwood Twp. -- St. Louis Co.
Flora Twp. -- Renville Co.
Florence (city) -- Lyon Co.
Florence Twp. -- Goodhue Co.
Florida Twp. -- Yellow Medicine Co.
Flowing Twp. -- Clay Co.
Foldahl Twp. -- Marshall Co.
Folden Twp. -- Otter Tail Co.
Foley (city) -- Benton Co.
Folsom Twp. -- Traverse Co.
Forada (city) -- Douglas Co.
Ford Twp. -- Kanabec Co.
Forest City Twp. -- Meeker Co.
Forest Lake (city) -- Washington Co.
Forest Lake Twp. -- Washington Co.
Forest Prairie Twp. -- Meeker Co.
Forest Twp. -- Becker Co.
Forest Twp. -- Rice Co.
Foreston (city) -- Mille Lacs Co.
Forestville Twp. -- Fillmore Co.
Fork Twp. -- Marshall Co.
Fort Ripley (city) -- Crow Wing Co.
Fort Ripley Twp. -- Crow Wing Co.
Fortier Twp. -- Yellow Medicine Co.
Fosston (city) -- Polk Co.
Fossum Twp. -- Norman Co.
Foster Twp. -- Faribault Co.
Foster Twp. -- Big Stone Co.
Fountain (city) -- Fillmore Co.
Fountain Prairie Twp. -- Pipestone Co.
Fountain Twp. -- Fillmore Co.
Fox Lake Twp. -- Martin Co.
Foxhome (city) -- Wilkin Co.
Foxhome Twp. -- Wilkin Co.
Framnas Twp. -- Stevens Co.
Franconia Twp. -- Chisago Co.
Frankford Twp. -- Mower Co.
Frankfort Twp. -- Wright Co.
Franklin (city) -- St. Louis Co.
Franklin (city) -- Renville Co.
Franklin Twp. -- Wright Co.
Fraser Twp. -- Martin Co.
Frazee (city) -- Becker Co.
Fredenberg Twp. -- St. Louis Co.
Freeborn (city) -- Freeborn Co.
Freeborn Twp. -- Freeborn Co.
Freedom Twp. -- Waseca Co.
Freeland Twp. -- Lac qui Parle Co.
Freeman Twp. -- Freeborn Co.
Freeport (city) -- Stearns Co.
Fremont Twp. -- Winona Co.
French Lake Twp. -- Wright Co.
French Twp. -- St. Louis Co.
Friberg Twp. -- Otter Tail Co.
Fridley (city) -- Anoka Co.
Friendship Twp. -- Yellow Medicine Co.
Frohn Twp. -- Beltrami Co.
Frost (city) -- Faribault Co.
Fulda (city) -- Murray Co.
Funkley (city) -- Beltrami Co.
Gail Lake Twp. -- Crow Wing Co.
Galena Twp. -- Martin Co.
Gales Twp. -- Redwood Co.
Garden City Twp. -- Blue Earth Co.
Garden Twp. -- Polk Co.
Garfield (city) -- Douglas Co.
Garfield Twp. -- Polk Co.
Garfield Twp. -- Lac qui Parle Co.
Garnes Twp. -- Red Lake Co.
Garrison (city) -- Crow Wing Co.
Garrison Twp. -- Crow Wing Co.
Garvin (city) -- Lyon Co.
Gary (city) -- Norman Co.
Gaylord (city) -- Sibley Co.
Gem Lake (city) -- Ramsey Co.
Geneva (city) -- Freeborn Co.
Geneva Twp. -- Freeborn Co.
Gennessee Twp. -- Kandiyohi Co.
Genola (city) -- Morrison Co.
Gentilly Twp. -- Polk Co.
Georgetown (city) -- Clay Co.
Georgetown Twp. -- Clay Co.
Germania Twp. -- Todd Co.
Germantown Twp. -- Cottonwood Co.
Gervais Twp. -- Red Lake Co.
Getty Twp. -- Stearns Co.
Ghent (city) -- Lyon Co.
Gibbon (city) -- Sibley Co.
Gilbert (city) -- St. Louis Co.
Gilchrist Twp. -- Pope Co.
Gillford Twp. -- Wabasha Co.
Gilman (city) -- Benton Co.
Gilmanton Twp. -- Benton Co.
Girard Twp. -- Otter Tail Co.
Glasgow Twp. -- Wabasha Co.
Glen Twp. -- Aitkin Co.
Glencoe (city) -- McLeod Co.
Glencoe Twp. -- McLeod Co.
Glendorado Twp. -- Benton Co.
Glenville (city) -- Freeborn Co.
Glenwood (city) -- Pope Co.
Glenwood Twp. -- Pope Co.
Glyndon (city) -- Clay Co.
Glyndon Twp. -- Clay Co.
Gnesen Twp. -- St. Louis Co.
Godfrey Twp. -- Polk Co.
Golden Valley (city) -- Hennepin Co.
Golden Valley Twp. -- Roseau Co.
Gonvick (city) -- Clearwater Co.
Good Hope Twp. -- Itasca Co.
Good Hope Twp. -- Norman Co.
Good Thunder (city) -- Blue Earth Co.
Goodhue (city) -- Goodhue Co.
Goodhue Twp. -- Goodhue Co.
Goodland Twp. -- Itasca Co.
Goodridge (city) -- Pennington Co.
Goodridge Twp. -- Pennington Co.
Goodview (city) -- Winona Co.
Goose Prairie Twp. -- Clay Co.
Gordon Twp. -- Todd Co.
Gorman Twp. -- Otter Tail Co.
Gorton Twp. -- Grant Co.
Gould Twp. -- Cass Co.
Grace Twp. -- Chippewa Co.
Graceville (city) -- Big Stone Co.
Graceville Twp. -- Big Stone Co.
Grafton Twp. -- Sibley Co.
Graham Lakes Twp. -- Nobles Co.
Graham Twp. -- Benton Co.
Granada (city) -- Martin Co.
Granby Twp. -- Nicollet Co.
Grand Forks Twp. -- Polk Co.
Grand Lake Twp. -- St. Louis Co.
Grand Marais (city) -- Cook Co.
Grand Meadow (city) -- Mower Co.
Grand Meadow Twp. -- Mower Co.
Grand Plain Twp. -- Marshall Co.
Grand Prairie Twp. -- Nobles Co.
Grand Rapids (city) -- Itasca Co.
Grand Rapids Twp. -- Itasca Co.
Grandview Twp. -- Lyon Co.
Grange Twp. -- Pipestone Co.
Granite Falls (city) (part of) -- Chippewa Co.
Granite Falls (city) (part of) -- Yellow Medicine Co.
Granite Falls Twp. -- Chippewa Co.
Granite Ledge Twp. -- Benton Co.
Granite Rock Twp. -- Redwood Co.
Granite Twp. -- Morrison Co.
Grant Twp. -- Washington Co.
Grant Valley Twp. -- Beltrami Co.
Granville Twp. -- Kittson Co.
Grass Lake Twp. -- Kanabec Co.
Grasston (city) -- Kanabec Co.
Grattan Twp. -- Itasca Co.
Gray Twp. -- Pipestone Co.
Great Bend Twp. -- Cottonwood Co.
Great Scott Twp. -- St. Louis Co.
Green Isle (city) -- Sibley Co.
Green Isle Twp. -- Sibley Co.
Green Lake Twp. -- Kandiyohi Co.
Green Meadow Twp. -- Norman Co.
Green Prairie Twp. -- Morrison Co.
Green Valley Twp. -- Becker Co.
Greenbush (city) -- Roseau Co.
Greenbush Twp. -- Mille Lacs Co.
Greenfield (city) -- Hennepin Co.
Greenfield Twp. -- Wabasha Co.
Greenleaf Twp. -- Meeker Co.
Greenvale Twp. -- Dakota Co.
Greenwald (city) -- Stearns Co.
Greenway Twp. -- Itasca Co.
Greenwood (city) -- Hennepin Co.
Greenwood Twp. -- Clearwater Co.
Greenwood Twp. -- St. Louis Co.
Gregory Twp. -- Mahnomen Co.
Grey Cloud Island Twp. -- Washington Co.
Grey Eagle (city) -- Todd Co.
Grey Eagle Twp. -- Todd Co.
Grimstad Twp. -- Roseau Co.
Grove City (city) -- Meeker Co.
Grove Lake Twp. -- Pope Co.
Grove Park Twp. -- Polk Co.
Grove Twp. -- Stearns Co.
Grygla (city) -- Marshall Co.
Gully (city) -- Polk Co.
Gully Twp. -- Polk Co.
Guthrie Twp. -- Hubbard Co.
Hackensack (city) -- Cass Co.
Hadley (city) -- Murray Co.
Hagali Twp. -- Beltrami Co.
Hagen Twp. -- Clay Co.
Halden Twp. -- St. Louis Co.
Hale Twp. -- McLeod Co.
Hallock (city) -- Kittson Co.
Hallock Twp. -- Kittson Co.
Halma (city) -- Kittson Co.
Halstad (city) -- Norman Co.
Halstad Twp. -- Norman Co.
Ham Lake (city) -- Anoka Co.
Hamburg (city) -- Carver Co.
Hamden Twp. -- Becker Co.
Hamlin Twp. -- Lac Qui Parle Co.
Hammer Twp. -- Yellow Medicine Co.
Hammond (city) -- Wabasha Co.
Hammond Twp. -- Polk Co.
Hampden Twp. -- Kittson Co.
Hampton (city) -- Dakota Co.
Hampton Twp. -- Dakota Co.
Hamre Twp. -- Beltrami Co.
Hancock (city) -- Stevens Co.
Hancock Twp. -- Carver Co.
Hangaard Twp. -- Clearwater Co.
Hanley Falls (city) -- Yellow Medicine Co.
Hanover (city) (part of) -- Hennepin Co.
Hanover (city) (part of) -- Wright Co.
Hanska (city) -- Brown Co.
Hansonville Twp. -- Lincoln Co.
Hantho Twp. -- Lac Qui Parle Co.
Harding (city) -- Morrison Co.
Hardwick (city) -- Rock Co.
Harmony (city) -- Fillmore Co.
Harmony Twp. -- Fillmore Co.
Harris (city) -- Chisago Co.
Harris Twp. -- Itasca Co.
Harrison Twp. -- Kandiyohi Co.
Hart Lake Twp. -- Hubbard Co.
Hart Twp. -- Winona Co.
Hartford Twp. -- Todd Co.
Hartland (city) -- Freeborn Co.
Hartland Twp. -- Freeborn Co.
Harvey Twp. -- Meeker Co.
Hassan Twp. -- Hennepin Co.
Hassan Valley Twp. -- McLeod Co.
Hastings (city) (part of) -- Dakota Co.
Hastings (city) (part of) -- Washington Co.
Hatfield (city) -- Pipestone Co.
Haugen Twp. -- Aitkin Co.
Havana Twp. -- Steele Co.
Havelock Twp. -- Chippewa Co.
Haven Twp. -- Sherburne Co.
Haverhill Twp. -- Olmsted Co.
Hawk Creek Twp. -- Renville Co.
Hawley (city) -- Clay Co.
Hawley Twp. -- Clay Co.
Hay Brook Twp. -- Kanabec Co.
Hay Creek Twp. -- Goodhue Co.
Hayes Twp. -- Swift Co.
Hayfield (city) -- Dodge Co.
Hayfield Twp. -- Dodge Co.
Hayland Twp. -- Mille Lacs Co.
Hayward (city) -- Freeborn Co.
Hayward Twp. -- Freeborn Co.
Hazel Run (city) -- Yellow Medicine Co.
Hazel Run Twp. -- Yellow Medicine Co.
Hazelton Twp. -- Aitkin Co.
Hazelton Twp. -- Kittson Co.
Hector (city) -- Renville Co.
Hector Twp. -- Renville Co.
Hegbert Twp. -- Swift Co.
Hegne Twp. -- Norman Co.
Heidelberg (city) -- Le Sueur Co.
Heier Twp. -- Mahnomen Co.
Height of Land Twp. -- Becker Co.
Helen Twp. -- McLeod Co.
Helena Twp. -- Scott Co.
Helga Twp. -- Hubbard Co.
Helgeland Twp. -- Polk Co.
Henderson (city) -- Sibley Co.
Henderson Twp. -- Sibley Co.
Hendricks (city) -- Lincoln Co.
Hendricks Twp. -- Lincoln Co.
Hendrickson Twp. -- Hubbard Co.
Hendrum (city) -- Norman Co.
Hendrum Twp. -- Norman Co.
Henning (city) -- Otter Tail Co.
Henning Twp. -- Otter Tail Co.
Henrietta Twp. -- Hubbard Co.
Henriette (city) -- Pine Co.
Henryville Twp. -- Renville Co.
Hereim Twp. -- Roseau Co.
Herman (city) -- Grant Co.
Hermantown (city) -- St. Louis Co.
Heron Lake (city) -- Jackson Co.
Heron Lake Twp. -- Jackson Co.
Hersey Twp. -- Nobles Co.
Hewitt (city) -- Todd Co.
Hibbing (city) -- St. Louis Co.
Hickory Twp. -- Pennington Co.
Higdem Twp. -- Polk Co.
High Forest Twp. -- Olmsted Co.
Highland Grove Twp. -- Clay Co.
Highland Twp. -- Wabasha Co.
Highlanding Twp. -- Pennington Co.
Highwater Twp. -- Cottonwood Co.
Hill City (city) -- Aitkin Co.
Hill Lake Twp. -- Aitkin Co.
Hill River Twp. -- Polk Co.
Hill Twp. -- Kittson Co.
Hillman (city) -- Morrison Co.
Hillman Twp. -- Kanabec Co.
Hillman Twp. -- Morrison Co.
Hills (city) -- Rock Co.
Hillsdale Twp. -- Winona Co.
Hilltop (city) -- Anoka Co.
Hinckley (city) -- Pine Co.
Hinckley Twp. -- Pine Co.
Hines Twp. -- Beltrami Co.
Hiram Twp. -- Cass Co.
Hitterdal (city) -- Clay Co.
Hobart Twp. -- Otter Tail Co.
Hodges Twp. -- Stevens Co.
Hoff Twp. -- Pope Co.
Hoffman (city) -- Grant Co.
Hokah (city) -- Houston Co.
Hokah Twp. -- Houston Co.
Holden Twp. -- Goodhue Co.
Holding Twp. -- Stearns Co.
Holdingford (city) -- Stearns Co.
Holland (city) -- Pipestone Co.
Holland Twp. -- Kandiyohi Co.
Hollandale (city) -- Freeborn Co.
Holloway (city) -- Swift Co.
Holly Twp. -- Murray Co.
Hollywood Twp. -- Carver Co.
Holmes City Twp. -- Douglas Co.
Holmesville Twp. -- Becker Co.
Holst Twp. -- Clearwater Co.
Holt (city) -- Marshall Co.
Holt Twp. -- Marshall Co.
Holt Twp. -- Fillmore Co.
Holy Cross Twp. -- Clay Co.
Holyoke Twp. -- Carlton Co.
Home Brook Twp. -- Cass Co.
Home Lake Twp. -- Norman Co.
Home Twp. -- Brown Co.
Homer Twp. -- Winona Co.
Homestead Twp. -- Otter Tail Co.
Honner Twp. -- Redwood Co.
Hope Twp. -- Lincoln Co.
Hopkins (city) -- Hennepin Co.
Hornet Twp. -- Beltrami Co.
Horton Twp. -- Stevens Co.
Houston (city) -- Houston Co.
Houston Twp. -- Houston Co.
Howard Lake (city) -- Wright Co.
Hoyt Lakes (city) -- St. Louis Co.
Hubbard Twp. -- Hubbard Co.
Hubbard Twp. -- Polk Co.
Hudson Twp. -- Douglas Co.
Hugo (city) -- Washington Co.
Humboldt (city) -- Kittson Co.
Humboldt Twp. -- Clay Co.
Hunter Twp. -- Jackson Co.
Huntersville Twp. -- Wadena Co.
Huntly Twp. -- Marshall Co.
Huntsville Twp. -- Polk Co.
Huss Twp. -- Roseau Co.
Hutchinson (city) -- McLeod Co.
Hutchinson Twp. -- McLeod Co.
Hyde Park Twp. -- Wabasha Co.